Alchimie is the « Éminence Grise » of the luxury industry, shaping strategic innovation and breakaway creativity to spearhead brands in today’s modern world.

Alchimie founder, Dom Leguay boasts a team of creative and cosmopolitan « profilers » and a global network of 300 eminent expert consultants.

Together they fashion bespoke, creative and differentiating strategies for brands to break into uncharted territory.

Alchimie provides decision-makers with untrodden pathways and new prisms of possibilities for oxygenating and actionable solutions.

Our values


Not bound to any group or agency,
we exercise unmitigated freedom
in our judgement and counsel.

Our "Cult of secrecy"

Your best kept secret is ours as well!
Projects entrusted to us are fiercely guarded
against any third-party disclosure.


All projects are helmed by Alchimie’s two leaders.

An exciting cultural melting-pot

We embrace the power in combining classic and contemporary cultures, the multi-ethnic and the cosmopolitan, the intellectual and the transgressive.

& excellence

We believe the only way to move forward
is through outspoken and unwavering convictions.

Our Team

Dom Leguay

The grey matter behind the “Éminence Grise” is Dom Leguay, Alchimie’s founder and dear leader to the Alchemists. She holds PhD’s in Literature and Semiology (psycho-analysis specialty). Culturally provocative, free-thinking, multi-entrepreneur and artist, she is a counter-cultural feminist and fashion trailblazer through her love for art. Images yield their secrets to her, revealing profound shifts. On the cusp of societal changes, Dom Leguay’s expertise and perspicacity have made her the oracle shepherding and honing brands at the behest of the most prestigious global luxury leaders.

Bernard Nazaire

As a corporate management developer and sensory expert specializing in innovative approaches, Bernard Nazaire has helmed leading businesses in Korea and France. Bernard is a seasoned traveler, artist and independent thinker, foregoing conventional studies to focus on brand culture and brands’ imaginary reach to express true appeal.
Bernard’s vision is collaborative, deriving change from shared experiences and expertise.

Our Alchemists

Our alchemists are Profilers: Ears to the ground, scouting, exposing, transforming blind-spots into untapped opportunities.
Our Culture is a melting pot of world travelers from Paris, Tokyo, Beijing, Boston, Berlin, Transylvania, West Indies, Venice, etc.
Our Alchemists’ dual strategic and creative Credentials include world renowned universities and art schools: Sciences Po Paris / Arts Décos /Beaux Arts/ Essec / Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Arts de Paris Cergy / Sorbonne / IFM / Ingénieur / York University, Toronto / University of Copenhagen / Bunka Fashion College in Tokyo, etc.

Our network

International up-and-coming young artists, behavioral analysts, architects, pigment and color specialists, embroiderers, feather workers and textile experts, digital behavior specialists, ethnologists, neuroscientists, aesthetic morphology experts, video-game experts, philosophers, landscapers and organic farmers, mixologists, perfumers, synesthetes, mythologists, filmmakers, screenwriters and videographers, aesthetes and intellectuals.

Artists on our Radar…


Remarkably cultivated, he’s also a highly-sensitive, subversive romantic.
His style is disheveled: Explosions of colors and materials, Magma, Density,
Complexity. Each piece is rich, sophisticated and wrought with riddles.

Nicolas Fenouillat

He exhibits and performs in various venues across France (Beaubourg Metz, Musée Picasso, Confort Moderne, Palais de Tokyo, MACVAL, Force de l’Art 02 Grand Palais, Fondation Cartier, 104, CNEAI, Magasin, etc.) and abroad (New York, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Brussels, Casablanca, Geneva, etc.).

Emmanuel Guillaud

For the longest time, Emmanuel Guillaud thought he was a photographer. But that’s only the beginning… He captures but the raw materials for his dark and labyrinthine installations, made up of multiple, synchronized projections. Winner of the Villa Kujoyama award, he has exhibitied at the Tokyo Museum of Contemporary Art, the Singapore Art Museum, la Plateforme, Dunkerque, ONE Archives, Los Angeles etc.