What we do

Design and
bespoke creative

and Brand Identity

Unlock brands’ historic potential. Produce distinctive manifestos, true to brand vision, archetype and imaginary reach. Define brand promise. Bring to life the embodiment of brands’ femininity and masculinity. Code prioritization and applications in advertising, retail and product ranges.

Creation of Breakthrough
concepts and product

Identify unexplored areas. High precision product and experience scenarios. Concepts, naming, story-living, copywriting and retail.

Esthetic direction

Transform concepts into esthetic strategies, inspiring creative directors’ avant-guard visions. Mood-boards and mood-films. Pre-advertising, scenarios and advertising pre-films. Logos.

Identification of
emerging phenomena

Strategic exploration of esthetics, behavior, societal changes and emerging innovations. Exploration of emerging femininities and masculinities. Strategic exploration of new languages in video. Exploration of new and different retail strategies and experiences. Identification of forward-looking strategies of influence.

Our proprietary tools

lab ateliers

Co-creation workshops bringing together Alchimie, client teams, curated experts and influential consumers to engender conditions conducive to creativity, innovation and subversion. Keyed into strategic intuition. Dedicated advisors stimulate creativity. Modules are designed based on brand and group culture, mobilizing specialized teams from various horizons (research, training, development, creation, marketing, etc.).


Trends and

Identification of woke, international experts, designers and influencers in prospective and emerging fields. Deciphering prospective drivers. Identification of societal, differentiating elements to activate the innovation process.



A customer-centric innovative approach.
Creating break-through concepts based on ethno-anthropological consumer observation: identifying use, practices and internalized routines, representations, dreams, latent and unexpressed desires, under the watch of creative intuitions, client experts (Creative Lab Ateliers) and Alchimie’s competencies in luxury (beauty, jewelry, fashion, etc.).